Tuesday, July 25, 2006

From yesterday's Wall Street Journal:
Googles Blogspot Making the News

July 24, 2006; Page R11

• The Sound of Young America

San Francisco resident Jesse Thorn, 25, champions the underground
comic with his blog. The site features a popular podcast where Mr.
Thorn interviews some of the nation's top talent and comics
occasionally perform sketches. "With only a couple of mass-media
outlets for comedy, one of my goals is to help get all the great
comedy that's bubbling up from the underground noticed," says Mr.
Thorn, who produces the podcast from his living room.

The blog revolves around the podcast, offering Mr. Thorn a platform
for news, commentary and "other bits and bytes that wouldn't work on
the air," he says. Sometimes readers offer dispatches from the field.
For example, one reader wrote about comedian Dave Chappelle's recent
surprise drop-in show at The Punchline in San Francisco.