Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gambling Online

Online Gambling sites like,  Casino Red , take the travel out of having to go to Vegas or some other far off place to lose your money. Instead of paying air fare and a hotel room you can just snuggle up to your friendly PC and place your bets. It's enticing but is it smart ??

Heck I have trouble trusting the Casinos I have visited in person, never mind the Virtual ones. Interestingly enough this is a billion dollar industry and much of the money being wagered is from the U.S. 

Trying to find out if it's legal?? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

It seems operating an online casino or facilitating the betting is probably going to get you in hot water here in the U.S.A.,  but merely making long as they aren't sporting bets.. seems to be ok, sort of. 

A man  from North Dakota, Jeffrey Trauman,  made some sports bets and won $100,000 online but he violated a State Law for which he was fined $500. It  still seems Jeff came out a winner in that. As far as I have been able to determine,  there is no specific Federal Law that prohibits people playing online it just gets tricky on how the money is channeled to and from the casino. 

Places like PayPal and many major Credit Card companies won't allow their customers to use their services to transfer money from their accounts to online casinos because of U.S. laws that prohibit that practice. But just because it's illegal for banks to do it, there are still those out there that want to help you find a way to do it 

So it's true that it is easier to gamble from home or your local internet cafe, but maybe it's better to have the Casinos a bit out of reach. Clearly online or when you are at your favorite Casino, gambling is a risk, and one should always be aware of what they are risking.

Good Luck whatever your choice might be and Happy New Year to all