Monday, May 25, 2009

Birds, Fish, Hamburgers and Beer

BIRDS, FISH, HAMBURGERS AND BEER.....all a part of this, the first post in 10 days!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend !!


Birds, I like em alright, thing is lately I have had a bit of trouble getting a good night's sleep. It seems like I always wake up around 2:30 am and look at my bedside clock. I lay back down and drift off to sleep again and then the cute little birdies that live right outside my window seem to always start their crazy tweetfest at about 4:30 am. By 5 am I have become frustrated because the damn things just don't stop !! So the other day I started my Psychological Terror Campaign.

Actually what I did was make up some hard boiled eggs the night before, and when the little buggers started squawking outside my window, I went outside and just started cracking open the eggs and eating them in plain sight, oh and I looked right at those crazy noise polluters with an evil sneer....

I'm telling you it worked !! I slept till 8:30 this morning and never heard on chirp !!

Best thing about this little saga is that no one in the neighborhood saw me in the yard at 5 am eating hard boiled eggs and smiling demonically at sparrows...If they had, I would probably be in a padded room at a nearby mental institution, but it was worth the risk. I'll bet that padded room is nice and quiet !!

Pet Fish

The New Tank

My sister bought a new fish tank and I put that little video together so everyone could enjoy it...

I personally would never go get a fish tank, all the water tests and the feedings...I just couldn't be bothered...

If I ever do get the hankering for my own tank...I'll just watch the video over and over till I get the thought of having my own out of my system...


I love hamburgers and this weekend I invited a bunch of friends and family for a cookout and cooked sausages, chicken, and yes I shot a glance at any birds that may have been nearby as I threw the chicken on the grill, hot dogs and HAMBURGERS.

My newest creation, which was inspired by an idea from my nephew, The Stuffed Burger:

Two thin patties are made, then you place sauteed onion, mushroom and cheese on one patty, then cover it with another patty pressing the edges together to form the new and improved Stuffed Burger!!

Brilliant ! A Burger with a surprise in the middle...I'm going to try other additives in the future, pickles, tomato, all sorts of things spring to mind when I think of the possibilities...


We had a lot of beer here and you know what???

Beer goes great with burgers!!