Friday, September 05, 2008

I hope it's not too late !!

I was in Maine recently and I passed by this sign...

Now I know that what's left of the Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Hanna is on the way up the Eastern Seaboard this weekend but I don't think it's going to be so bad that I'll need an Ark.

Clearly though, people in Maine, believe that it's time to prepare. And since this is the first time I have seen Ark Classes advertised anywhere, EVER, maybe it's time to sign up !!

The thing is I don't want to go all Noah and have to round up 2 of every animal. I mean think of how picky you would have to be when it comes to dogs...

You can only bring 2,

Which kind?

We have a dachshund and I can't leave her behind.

But what about all the other dogs?
The Westminster Dog Show has nearly 200 breeds of dogs in there show alone !! I certainly don't want to be trapped on an Ark with 400 dogs !!

Think of the POOP!


I'll make space for the family and of course I think it would be necessary to bring 2 of each type of female, I am after all single and of course many of my nephews are too. They would be allowed to bring there girlfriends of course but for those of us that are , unattached, well I have to think of them, er of Me anyway!

So 2 Blondes, 2 Brunettes....

As far as animals go....I won't be packing up the rats up or the skunks??

Who needs em!!??

I think I'll concentrate on people and supplies.

Chocolate...Lots of it.

Batteries and a couple windmills.

Some solar panels

I certainly want to put a Sail on the Ark, I mean if the BIG FLOOD is coming it will be hard to keep getting fuel in the future.

A compass!!


Well if you can help me with some ideas of what to bring, maybe I'll come by and pick you up in my Ark, when the time comes, you may want to take a Raft building course as it may take some time to get to you.

Or build your own Ark !! We could have an Ark Club, kinda like a Yacht Club except on a grander scale.

Really how could you pack enough chocolate on ONE ARK ?