Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekly Trivia Winner, Happy Mothers Day!!

1st I'd like to say Happy Mother's Day to All the Mothers out there!

Remember without your mother none of you would be here!!

With a renewed commitment, PG has stormed the Tom's Trivia Challenge !! He vowed to "Play Every Day" at the beginning of the month....and by doing so he scored an AMAZING 132 points in the past week alone....If he keeps this up I may have to change the name of the tournament to PG's Trivia Challenge. PG made it interesting last night, not playing until very late....and coming up with a last minute win in Saturdays Game


Visit Pat and get a look at this week's star at his Blog Annoyingly Boring and tell him where you found out about him!!

Player Weekly Pts Overall Standing
1. PG 132 1
2. The_IQ 84 3
3. kathlock 79 2
4. gutterguy 76 5
5. sas 69 6

It has been a great week at Tom's Trivia Challenge and it's good to see some new names in the Top 5....SAS and Gutterguy...we are still waiting on a player picture for.

Kathlock was our star player last week and IQ will have his picture up in the Trivia Player Picture Series later this week...

I'd like to give Soy Boy an honorable mention for the week, he earned 63 points in the past week and PG's late night win knocked him out of the Weekly Top 5

Keep trying Soy Boy and thanks to everyone for playing..