Friday, September 07, 2007

Fall, Autumn

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Fall is coming and even if it hit 90 degrees here today in sunny Massachusetts, I saw some trees with color today..Fall is on it's way and it's my favorite season. Cool nights, bright sunny days and color everywhere.

What's your favorite season??

I'm going into Boston Saturday and I'll check out "ART in the PARK 2007" ART in the PARK is an annual festival featuring over 70 visual artists and artisans.

It's free and it's better than working which is all I have done for the past 11 days..not that I'm counting or anything...I'll see if I can get any good pictures and post them.

If you are in the Boston area here's more info

Song I've been painting to when listening to WERS, commercial free radio from Emerson College in Boston...
Cante E Dance by Pink Martini

That link will give you about a minute of the song..I don't have a clue what they are saying but it's a great painting song and I think of Martini's while I'm listening to it.

Well that's what's going on here..

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