Thursday, July 26, 2007

I got gas

I went by a gas station today where they pump the gas for you and the price was $2.75/GALLON ! For the U.S.A. that's pretty good as most stations sell it for around $2.85/GALLON and you have to pump it yourself. I live in the Northeastern part of the U.S.A. and I hear about all the gas price hikes but I wonder...what are people paying for gas in other countries.

I've converted the price I paid to some other currencies and have also broken the price per liter instead of gallon for my international friends:

These conversions are all based on the price I paid today, I've listed the Euro, the Rand from South Africa. The Krone from Denmark, the Australian dollar and the Singapore dollar.
  • USA $2.75/Gallon = .726/Liter
  • EURO 2.004/Gallon = .529/liter
  • RAND = 19.09/Gallon = 5.03/liter
  • KRONE = 14.79/Gallon = 3.90/liter
  • Australia = 3.14/Gallon = .828/liter
  • Singapore = 4.16/ Gallon = 1.09/liter
Do these prices reflect what you are paying in your country?? I think people in the USA are pretty lucky as far as gas prices go. I think maybe we whine about the prices without any clear idea what people in other countries have to pay for gas.

How much do you pay for gas??