Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Profile Change

For everyone used to seeing the bunny in my Profile view there has been a change. Because the Boston Red Sox won the World series, our family dog Minnie has asked that she take the place of Harry Bunny, who has done everything asked of him, at least temporarily.

Harry was a little upset, but has agreed to step down for a little while. I've asked him to continue to work with the Hideaway team in other capacities and explained to him that like baseball, there is no I in Team. That's a lesson Alex Roidriguez should learn..

A Quote for the times from Phyllis Diller

"If it weren't for baseball, many kids wouldn't know what a millionaire looked like."

Finally, the Boston Red Sox celebrate with their fans here in Boston today, so I won't be talking so much baseball in the future....but there is always New England Patriot Football

and those Crazy Massachusetts Drivers to blog about!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox Win the World Series

Minnie didn't couldn't take her eyes off the game last nigh as she watched the Red Sox win their 2nd World Series in 4 years.

She munched on some green peas and had a little milk during the game but there wasn't a repeat of the crazy party she had the other night.

She hopes to go to the celebratory parade this week.

Congrats Red SoX !!!

What a great catch by the Rookie Ellsbury in the bottom of the ninth!!

MVP Mike Lowell!! Hope we can keep him on the Sox!!

Red Sox Nation let Ownership know that T=there is no place for A-ROD with the Red Sox. Salaries are already too high and as costs go up they are dropped on the fans..

We Don't need no stinkin A-Rod, he's a high priced, self centered player. No player is worth that kind of money

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It sucks being from Philly today

According to a survey of some 60 thousand participants who were surveyed Philadelphia is home to the least attractive people..Sorry Rocky, Sorry Adrienne..

The survey was done jointly by
CNN Headline News and Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Philadelphia also found the:

Least Stylish
Least Worldly
Least Active
One of the Least Friendly

Like I said it sucks to be from Philly today, but in their defense I wonder how many of those surveyed have visited the back woods of West Virginia...I can hear the banjos now

On the other hand I'm from the Boston area, actually lived in the city for 15 years and they say
Boston is...

The #2 Sports Fans Destination...Chicago was number 1...What's that all about??? I guess some people just don't like winners!!
Philly was # 3!!

We came in as # 5 Sophisticated getaway, again CHICAGO came out ahead of us in that category...and New York was #1, come ON New York???

Out of 25, Boston was rated 21st, in the friendly department !! Bastards!! Philly AND Chicago did better than us!!

Finally, Boston was rated 3rd in Intelligence...Only Minneapolis and Seattle scored higher... Chicago and New York scored MUCH LOWER...

Of course, had any of those surveyed met me or my Hideaway Team I think that Boston would have been #1 across the board.



Sunday, October 21, 2007

Partying Last Night

Minnie was sporting a little Redness in her eyes and was a bit dehydrated late last night..

She had some friends over last night to watch the Red Sox win again and force a Game 7

Sunday Evening.....

Things got a little out of hand!!

But the Sox did WIN!!, One more and they are in the World Series!!

Go Sox

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quote for today / Subject DIET

Only Irish Coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups:
alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat.
-Alex Levine-

Oh and if you read the last post you know Smokey was right...and he's feeling very good about tonight's game!!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smokey Says

Smokey Says the Red Sox will WIN in Cleveland tonight..

The fact that I can hear Smokey when he talks is disturbing...

But I like what I hear and that is what's important


Sunday, October 14, 2007

It Mikes Fault !!!

I'm a big believer in Karma and last night we had a little party around watching the baseball game, unfortunately, Mike, was a little negative about some of the Red Sox players and I believe his negativity transferred on to the players....

It's either Criminal or I have gone completely bonkers.

It could be both.

Mr Negativity himself..

we call him Mike

I've called the Karma Police and hopefully he will be taken in and have his Chakras aligned...It's playoff time and there's no room for Negativity.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sexiest Fan Alive

With regard to my last post about all the spitting and scratching in Baseball, one of my commentors, Avery Gray, said:

"Most people who watch baseball are of the male persuasion, and since men are generally not offended by such behavior, I don't think it will be changing anytime soon. "

Tomorrow October 12, 2007 the voting begins for MLB's Sexiest Fan, will it be a man, a woman or will there be one of each??

Major League Baseball and People Magazine are sponsoring this and I think it is MLB who is trying to expand it's fan base and attract more women to the games and the sport.

In my reply to Avery's comment, I took some information from and article reprinted from the Boston Globe Magazine here at boston.com, which stated that :

"Sports teams are particularly interested in women fans because they shop. Sales of Patriots merchandise targeted at females -- everything from tank tops to ``ladies hand-off thong" underwear plastered with the team's logo -- have quadrupled over the past several years, and now bring in about $3 million annually."

So I realize that many of my recent posts have been sports related, but hey...The Red Sox are in the playoffs!! While looking for sexy fans will MLB start asking their players to clean up there manners and stop the spitting ??

I doubt it.....Avery is probably right...be sure to vote for your sexiest fan, if Avery is right, it should be a Woman, since mostly men are watching the game they will have most of the votes!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Red Sox , China's Solution, spitting and other fithy habits

The Boston Red Sox swept the California Angels 3 games to 0......Yes, Manny Ramirez was a big part of it, but our pitching has been great too..Now Red Sox fans will wait for Cleveland to finish off the Yankees and start playing the American League Championship Series this Friday.

The game over the weekend when the bugs attacked the Yankees was awesome

Also, not that I want you all to think I am a sports fanatic...it was great to see the New England Patriots beat the Cleveland Browns football team....

Next Topic..

NY Times Story: No Spitting On the Road to the Olympic Glory

You can follow the link for the whole story but to summarize, I guess spitting is a fairly common thing in China and many officials there are trying to put an end to public spitting so as not to look uncivilized to the many foreign visitors they expect being the hosts to the 2008 Summer Olympics.

from the article...

" ..some Communist Party officials have publicly fretted that Beijing may not measure up. One delegate at the country’s annual political meetings in March recommended heavy fines and a public education campaign to curb spitting, cutting ahead in line, smoking and foul language."

Public awareness of manners needs to be improved,” said Wang Tao, the soft-spoken, exceedingly polite civil servant who has become a local celebrity for his efforts to curb public spitting.

"Beijing had already announced that people caught spitting in public before the Olympics could face fines up to 50 yuan, or about $6.50, hardly small change in China. Mr. Wang, the anti-spitting activist, said the Olympic spirit inspired him to begin his campaign. “I felt I must do something to contribute,” he said."

No more article excerpts...

I like the initiative, public spitting is a filthy habit. But I believe Baseball is part of the Summer Olympics....Every time I watch a baseball game I see many of the players spitting regularly all over the place. It seems every time they come in close on a player in the batters box or on base, he spits something or scratches his balls..

BBCnews ring

What's up with that?

What will the Chinese do about it?

I have to tell you $6.50 may be a lot in China but the Red Sox signed rookie pitcher
Daisuke Matsuzaka to a contract for over $50 Million Dollars, he could spit every day all day for a long long time before it really started to cause him any problems.

It is a disgusting habit, I don't enjoy watching these guys spit and wonder why baseball hasn't tried to set a better example to others, especially young kids who look up to players as role models.

And what about the ball scratching?...Will the Chinese take that issue on as well?

Which one bothers you more public spitting or ball scratching??

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Manny, Manny, MANNY

Manny Ramirez

Everyone has their favorites, some like Varitek others Papelbon but I think Manny Ramirez is MONEY...Tonight, or should I say early Saturday morning, he proved it by hitting a ball out of Fenway Park and over everything ...Just Manny being Manny he raised his arms in the air and watched the ball leave the park.

Red Sox take two from the Angels, and the Yankees lost again...Life is almost perfect......

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The Boston Red Sox vs The Angels

The game will be played in Historic Fenway Park...Here are some pictures my friend Jim took when we were attending a game this year in Boston

Our Seats

That's Wally the Green Monster

Our View of the Game...

I snapped the one below of Fenway Park from the top of the Prudential Building..A.K.A. "The Top Of The Hub"

The Hub is how some citizens of Boston refer to their fair city. The roots of the term Hub started with Oliver Wendell Holmes. He coined the term Hub when he wrote in
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
that the ...

State-House is the hub of the solar system."

In 1868, Rev. Foster B Zinke in his book Last Winter In The United States wrote,

Massachusetts has been the wheel within New England, and Boston the wheel within Massachusetts. Boston therefore is often called the "hub of the world," since it has been the source and fountain of the ideas that have reared and made America."

Some people outside of Boston think we are a little "Self Centered" Actually we are just a little ahead of everyone else, however; we are friendly and we welcome The California Angels to Fenway Park tonight.

Somehow I think they will remember Boston, not as the Hub, but as a little taste of Hell as the Red Sox rip them apart!!

GO Sox

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday, Monday

Tonight it's all about the New England Patriots playing the Cincinnati Bengals if you are a football fan that is.

Yesterday was all about Mom, She turned 78, but she looks 29.....Of course this kind of schmooze has kept me her favorite. Being the youngest of 4, I have three OLDER sisters, it's obvious to me that mom and dad tried once, twice, 3 times and then when most might have given up...gave it one more try and TA DA!! Perfection...I was born.

Thanks guys!!

On to other topics, The Boston Red Sox managed to finish the season with the Best record in Baseball...A local radio show asked the question...If you had to pick One, A) The Red Sox Win The World Series or B) The Patriots win the Super Bowl what would you pick??

I'd pick B, The Pats and hope for a Great year from The Celtics and their new lineup...Maybe the Sox will win anyway, really it's only because I'm forced to pick ONE...I personally think us New Englanders have the Best sports has to offer.....Bring it ON!

I'm also hoping the Jets lose ALL their remaining games...they are CRAP...Their fans too!!

They can't even decide if they want to be from New York or New Jersey, They play on another teams field...They should move to Nevada or North Dakota..they haven't got a football team.

Monday Picture: Halloween Is Coming