Friday, December 21, 2007

Celebrity Photos

"The Tom", on his way to a chic Euro Party

I received an email from "Hollywood", he's left a few comments here in the past and he sent me a "Celebrity" photo of Jessica Simpson asking me why I don't post pictures of her and other celebs on my blog...I have to say "Hollywood" that I don't need those Celebrity Photos when I have pictures of "The Tom" , "Minnie" the family dog and of course his legendary sisters to post on the blog.. Believe me when I tell you, you don't see these pictures anywhere else.

I particularly like the hat "The Tom" is wearing in the picture above. This is another photo from his days in Germany.

While it is still possible to see some other Celebrity photos here; I did post some pictures of Halle Berry but that was because she happened to be "The Tom's" Celebrity Match

If you have the need for Celebrity Photos, my friend Razz has that covered over at My Life and Everything can see a picture of skinny Tara Reid there now...she's looking a little emaciated, she's probably despondent over the fact that she and Tom Brady just didn't make it as a couple.

Right now though the Hideaway team is just happy to have "The Tom" as their Celebrity, we will be seeing many more pictures of him as we approach the New Year.