Sunday, June 08, 2008

Trivia Update, The Weekly Winners

It's crowded today in the weekly winner circle. 7 players made it in the top 5!! How is that possible you might wonder?? It's my creative genius, of course. I like to include everyone.

It was easy doing the numbers today as our Tom's Trivia for June started on the 1st day of our Sunday-Saturday week.

I didn't have to do any math and if you didn't make the Top 5, err well 7 this week, then check out the rest of the scores at the trivia site.
For the second straight week we all need to congratulate the Gal from Down Under...


Have you visited Kath's blog yet ???

Here's a Mom who has time to be a Mom, Write a Book and still kick our butts in Trivia!!.. Check her blog at "Blurb From The Burbs"

As always I keep her on my Blog List here at Tom's Hideaway on the right sidebar...

To my wonderful have to click on the Tom's Hideaway link to see the rest of the page and to make any comments, all you get are my most recent posts and sometimes my ridiculous spelling errors..I do correct them eventually..Visit the blog every once in awhile to get the complete Tom's Hideaway Experience!

Congrats to all the winners this week..see below.

Player Total Points
1. kathlock 133
2. sas 110
3. PG 109
4. Shaun 84
4. soy-boy 84
4. Tom 84
5. gutterguy 77

Join the Trivia Challenge today and you could be here next Sunday !

I woke up this morning and did a little work on the Elliptical Machine and am going into work..It's going to be in the 90's today and so the AC at work won't be too bad to deal with.
Tonight Boston Celtics take on the L. A. Laker's and all I can say is