Monday, August 06, 2007

Translate English to Jive, Redneck or Cockney

Have you ever wanted to write with a Cockney dialect ?

Have yer ever wanted ter write wiv a Cockney dialect ?

Maybe you would like to write a little like a Red Neck...

Mebbe yer hankerin' t'soun' a li'l like a redneck..

Well now you can convert English text, even your entire web page using the Dialectizer!

You can write a great post in your own words and then just have it translated into Redneck. You could tell everyone your Cousin Effrim from West Virginia is writing a guest post!!

So try the Dialectizer, it's free, and if you are going to leave me a comment about it, tranlate it first. You can get Pig Latin, sound like a moron or a Swedish Chef.

Come on! Have some fun and if your surfing on Blog Explosion...give it a little more than 30 seconds people!!

In Pig Latin: Omecay onyay! Avehay omesay unfay andyay ifyay youray urfingsay onyay Ogblay Explosionyay...ivegay ityay ayay ittlelay oremay anthay 30 econdssay eoplepay!!

In Jive: Come on! Right on! Gots some fun and if yo' surfin' on Blog Explosion. 'S coo', bro...cut it some little mo'e dan 30 seconds sucka's! Preach it loud, bruddah!