Tuesday, April 03, 2007

PJ's Birthday and a little on Voodoo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PATRICK, He's 16 today and next thing I know he'll be driving a car!!!

My sister has recently been given a Voodoo Doll as a gift from a friend, I received one once from my son. My sister's friend and my son both knew when they were giving these dolls away that they would help to direct our intense feelings toward a particular person, in my sister's case a former Boss, in mine a former Girlfriend, toward the doll and not the actual person. In my case it was great therapy.


After dressing my doll up a bit and naming it I followed the directions on stabbing the doll in different ways and wishing intense stomach disorders upon "her". I tired of this rather quickly and finally positioned "her" under the leg of my couch...Each day when I entered my living room I saw "her" gut being driven into the floor and "her little arms and legs"pointing up and it made me laugh...

I needed that laugh!!

Years later I threw her into the ocean just off my porch and watched her sink..It was a beautiful summer day .

I don't think about her much anymore...except when I read the Boston Globe Obituaries...Just on the slight chance that she might make the list!!

So now my sister has one and I hope she finds a place where she can impale her doll so that it helps her to laugh and makes her feel better.

What would you do to your Voodoo Doll, if you had one?