Sunday, August 19, 2007

Women's Clothing

Yesterday Mom had to go into Kohl's, a local department store, because she had a 30% discount coupon she wanted to look around and see if there were any good deals.

On our way to Women's clothing we had to walk through the lingerie section which can be somewhat interesting. I noticed a display and the name brand was "Barely There" and a picture popped into my head...hmmmm....nice! But I was with Mom and I kept charging along with her toward the Women's Clothing. It was there where I found out Mom was a sign reader too...

She pointed up at the wall display and the name brand was "Sag Harbor" Now I don't know what picture would come into your mind standing in the middle of the Women's Department, but for me the picture wasn't pretty!

Why would anyone manufacturing Women's clothing come up with a name brand like "Sag Harbor?? Maybe they will start a Men's clothing line of "Beer Belly Shirts" or "Whopper Wear"!!

Well, Mom and I had a laugh over Sag Harbor and she didn't find anything she liked. We started to make our way out and I noticed another sign for Women's Clothing, a designer named "Alfred Dunner"... I pointed to the sign and:

I said, "Hey Ma, read that sign out loud"

She read "Alfred Dunner"

I said " So, Alfred has done-her, you think anyone else will do her wearing something like that??

Mom hit me on the back of the head and said I was crude, she was smiling though.

Now I am going to have to call the Department Of Social Services!!

Parents are not supposed to hit their kids!!