Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tom Bunny in HDR

Tom Bunny was my original Profile picture three years ago but he took some time off and recently wanted another shot at working with me here at Tom's Hideaway. From a recent photo session here is the venerable Tom Bunny in HDR

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My HDR Experiment

I downloaded a free trial of Photomatix Pro and started experimenting with High Dynamic Range imaging or HDR. It's a process where you use 3 different photos of the same subject at three different exposures and then combine them all into one photo. Like the one here of my very patient nephew who had to sit as still as possible while I fudged around with my camera settings..

Kinda Cool I think.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Web Hosting from Dot.Easy

Unless you are out to do business on the net,  considering a web host is something people really don't need to do. There are tons of places where you can start up a blog for free. It's a great, it's fun and at times,  frustrating, when no one comments , but for me at least it's always been free.

If I was to take the next step and come up with a business online I'd want a little more than what my current host (BLOGGER) let's me have. I was recently asked to look at a free web hosting service and I thought...FREE! So I checked them out to see what they were offering that I didn't have already.

If you have ever started a blog or signed up for and email account then you understand that you are not always going to get the name you want. It would be nice to be but blogger has to stick there name in the http address so I have to be't no one gonna remember that if you say it in passing. So much easier if it ended in .COM, .ORG or .NET !!

At DotEasy  it's not all free, you are paying for the NAME you want everyone to be able to remember. It was fun just using there Domain Search to find out what I could come up with for a new website. Funny how some of the crazy names I came up with were already taken, for instance STINKYWATER.COM  &  YOURDEAD.COM, were already taken!!

So if you are thinking about upgrading your blog or website, then web hosting and domain names are things you should really consider. Anyway....go it....try to think up some good names for websites HERE, and let me know what was already taken!!

They currently have a promo right now where you can register for any domain name for only $4.95 for your first year. Just use the coupon code 0910FWH when registering for a domain name.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Running Towards Spring

It's 2010 and January is nearly gone. With only 28 days of Feburary to suffer through,  Spring is on the horizon!!

Time to start thinking about shedding the coat and maybe even shedding a few pounds to boot.

During the  holiday  season I seem to really put on that winter weight! I know if  I want to be able to fit in my speedo when Summer arrives  I need to get out and buy some new running shoes and get on the treadmill.  Heck even if I don't lose very many pounds the new sneakers will look good.

 I pick the treadmill over running outside. Even working out on the Elliptical seems  safer than running the winter streets. Too many hazards with snow covered sidewalks and early morning black ice. You just get started working out and then BAM you slip fall and break your wrist. A car drives through a slush puddle and covers you in ice cold water. Lets face it, your chances of getting hit by a car whilst running the treadmill are much slimmer than running in the street.

 Not only can running in the streets be dangerous physically, but think of all the exhaust fumes you breathe in as the cars stream by. It's the basement for me or maybe joining a local gym.

Certainly it's time for new shoes whether I run in them or not! Those suckers  are gonna be 2 years old soon!! New shoes, exercise, eat right and well there are so many things I could do but I don't want to bite more than I can chew.

 I guess I better go try on my speedo from last year and see how much work I have ahead of me!

OH...... when I was checking out the Footlocker Running Shoes site, I saw a button on their page that links you up with the American Red Cross,   where you can help by donating,  to help the people of Haiti,  where so many have died from the catastrophic earthquake and those who have been left behind have lost so much.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Advice for Men: Don't Be Too Nice!!

To those guys out there who have met someone new. Be careful not to be labeled, "Too Nice."

If you hear that, you are headed for failure.

Women seem to be drawn to men who appear to be self absorbed. Those guys with the perfect hair, the muscled bodies and very often, small brains. The ones that seem to spend more time concentrating on themselves and how they look. These self absorbed morons may have something to teach us "Nice Guys".

Instead of opening the doors for women, paying the bar tab or practicing chivalry of any kind , try being rude, self centered and loud.  It's this kind of behavior that seems to really draw them in.

Think about yourself more often and what you need, what you like. Lately I find myself totally fascinated by ME. It's only natural that they will be equally fascinated as well....

Try to appear aloof and distant and when, inevitably,  they approach you...appear disinterested. Women seem to respond more when they are ignored or under appreciated. Wear some obnoxious jewelery. Put your sunglasses on indoors, NO Clip On's please!!

It's ok to be NICE, just don't go overboard. If you find yourself sharing a shrimp cocktail or nachos at some point, don't even worry about taking the last of it without offering her some. If anything, she'll just think you are a jerk, which is what you are striving for here!!

They like jerks because they believe they can mold them into something different!!

When you are too NICE, there is nothing they can really work with, nothing to change.

Once you have established yourself as a self absorbed a--hole your possibilities of attracting the opposite sex will be limitless! It's a new paradigm in this battle of the sexes.

Once you have hooked the one you want, gradually revert to being nice but be careful not to move too fast. It gives them the feeling that they have crafted you into what they want. Someone who cares enough about them to change their misguided ways.

Certainly it would be easier for everyone if they could be happy with a guy that knows what he likes and is a gentleman from the very start of a relationship. But that's not how it works guys...

Stop being "Too Nice" today  and enjoy the ride.

A Flickr Favorite

Saw this picture of New York City from a gallery of pictures from called Stuck In Customs,

Titled "New York On Fire at Dusk"

Cool picture, wish I'd taken it!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning in Boston

Went into Boston this morning and the streets seemed pretty quiet. A lot of that snow you see is getting washed away by heavy rains as I am writing this, but don't worry!! The temperature is supposed to drop and when I wake up tomorrow there could be 6" inched of that fresh white stuff....Awesome!!

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