Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blog It.....Why do you do it?

That's what everyone is doing , including me, these days. Blogging. There are those who don't know or pretend not to know what a blog is. There are those who know but can't be bothered, to hell with them..they obviously aren't reading this. Then there are us...The Bloggers!

I'm Minnie Blue Eyes
Click ME and I'll Morph!!

"The Bloggers" Could be a good name for a Movie!

Tom's Favorite Painting

I first began to blog because I was injured and couldn't do anything else...I'm better now, physically but I still love to Blog. I tried making money but that's just a bore..all those blogs
devoted to making money from Adsense...checking to see if your pennies added up...constantly bombarded with get rich schemes, yeah, I'm done with that. I have my Amazon account because I like Amazon and I'm my biggest customer, Legal Seafood makes an appearance on my other blog, but that's because I LOVE their Boston Cream Pie. Sorry!

My name's Steve

I hate those Pay Per Post blogs...I mean really..I will not spend any time on your Blog...boring to know your theme was contrived over some product you are selling me.

I love weird news, funny diaries and photo blogs...Even if they get serious sometimes, I like Blogs about people and their stories. I have lurked around a bit wading through tons of blogs, but when I come across one that sparks my interest I comment.

I also always visit the Bloggers who comment here or on any of my other blogs.

When I comment, I bookmark the page I commented on and go back to that Blog...If I liked it once, I'll probably like it again.

I enjoy telling people about Blogs I like!!

I think ChooChoo has , as we say here in Massachusetts.."A wicked funny diary" over at Stop Looking At Me

Tom Bunny, Easter Keeps Him Busy

So why do YOU blog??