Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Monday, February 26, 2007

For Monday, For the Readers and the Lurkers

It's Monday, I just watched the video showing the demolition of the cofferdam in China today....,

Picture courtesy Tour Round China.com

If you want to see the video it's right here ! What is a cofferdam you ask ??

Wikipedia says:

"A cofferdam is an enclosure beneath the water constructed to allow water to be displaced by air for the purpose of creating a dry work environment. Commonly used for oil rig construction and repair, bridge and dam work, the cofferdam is usually a welded steel structure that is temporary, typically dismantled after work is completed." In this case they blew the sucker up!

Last Wednesday in my Fart and Stuff Post I said If anyone had some new words I'd use them in a post and give them all the credit. Well, a promise is a promise and Milly Moo , a blogger from Adelaide, Australia supplied the words..to understand what I'm talking about...well you would need to read the Farts and Stuff Post

Of course Milly Moo will know already and on her blog Blurb From The Burbs , her newest post is about words that make her Wince...Don't just Lurk go Have a Look!!

"Just as I got comfortable toejoeing on the couch watching my favorite Sci Fi Channel show, my sister Me' , who was laid out on the recliner, began phlegm-phlamming without a care. I felt like giving her a swift karate kick in the head just to stop that annoying sound but I figured I'd just end up parping. Let me tell you parping can be very embarrassing when your trying to do a Bruce Lee . Of course it's not as bad as wib-wobbing, now that is just disgusting"

Thanks for the words Milly-Moo, love the comment and my offer still stands..Anyone that leaves me a new word..I'll try to write a post next Monday with your words and a shout out to your Blog or Website..

Comments Welcome!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dennis Johnson R.I.P.

Dennis Johnson was one of sport's classy guys. He was a joy too watch..

DJ Workin some Magic on Magic 1986

"I hate to lose," he once said. "I accept it when it comes, but I still hate it. That's the way I am."

On a lighter note, If you ever thought about watching the TV show Friday Night Lights, see what Ben has to say in his Gasbag Review first, you'll be glad you did.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Flying Without His Cape and An Idea Generator

I wasn't really sure what to write today, everything kinda got started on the wrong foot. I was lying in bed when I got a call that my Dad had fallen. I jumped up, dressed quickly and ran out the door. He and Ma only live a few houses down. I found Dad in the house sitting at the bottom of the stairway in his PJ's and looking angry with himself. I told him he can't fly down the stairs without his cape....

We checked him out as best we could and then got him up and into the car...We spent a couple hours there getting Xrays and evaluated. He's gonna be sore but I think Superman will be Okay..Just better not piss off my mom cause he can't move too fast right now.

Since then I've cooked Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for Mom and Dad, Hamburgers for 4, and couple varieties of cookies for anyone that can get there hands on them. During this time I've also consumed a couple of rum concoctions, I needed them.

So it's come to this, reporting the minutiae of my day. While this may make an interesting read from time to time, I think I may have found a couple Web sites that can help generate those creative juices....At Plot-O-Matic they remind us that we've all seen movies or TV shows and said to ourselves "I could have written that" and Plot-O-Matic helps you do Just that:

Here's my "B" Movie Plot Outline:

The Hideaway
an original screenplay concept
By Tom

Science Fiction: A struggling artist teams up with a well built female cyborg to save the earth from aliens. In the process they rescue a super intelligent chimpanzee. By the end of the movie they beat up 73 bad guys and end up winning the admiration of their world , living happily ever after.

Think Waterworld meets Buckaroo Banzai

Now I just have to get this idea out to some producers, next it's Hollywood.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Farts and Stuff/ Words on Wednesday

Last night we played a game of Trivial Pursuits with the Parental Units....One of the units was in the kitchen pouring some tea and let loose with a fart......A loud One..Now this was unusual as this Unit was not the one we normally see farting across the room with every step...attempting that quick get away and tooting like a train leaving the station.

This is where we stood at the edge of discovery. I suggested that our beloved unit in the kitchen had not really farted . I blamed the Unit sitting at the table. I maintained the "Table Unit" had become such a "Prolific Farter" or you might say "Fartolific" that he had refined his craft and become A "Fartriloquist" the ability to project his farts in order to shift the blame on someone else....

Oh, we laughed and we thought for a bit that a new word had been discovered.

But alas, today I found it in the Urban Dictionary:

The art of projecting one's gaseous emission so that it seems to come from another source, as from a pet dog, grandmother or goldfish.

Bob's quite a fartriloquist, he'd rather die than admit being responsible for stinking out the place.

Maybe they will give us credit for a secondary definition....

For a golden moment we believed we were part of the Etymology of the English language..however, and more importantly, we shared a truly funny family moment and a good belly laugh to boot..what came later is for another day...but I'll tell you this much.

We're never gonna let Anne Marie forget it....!!

I found another great source of "New Words" at Word Mint and the first word they had listed was :


Meaning: What the guy sitting next to you, does to you, when he farts. Usually not fatal, although it is known to knock a few unconscious.

Pronunciation: Gassa-see-nay-shun

Usage: With the recent spotlight on the use of various torture techniques by interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, authorities are seriously looking at gassasination techniques. Interrogators are being encouraged to eat exotic food.
Root: Gas +assassination

Have you got any New Words out there...if so use them when you comment and I'll put them in next Wednesday's post and give you all the credit!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Britney, Daytona, Bunnies and Cambodia

I went out on a limb with Toyota's cars in the Daytona 500. The best finish for them was 22nd in a car driven by the Veteran Dale Jarrett I'm sticking with the Toyota Teams this year and while I still find it difficult to watch and entire race on TV, it's more exciting than Golf. But enough with racing...lets move on.

In an attempt to draw attention to my potential run for the Presidency this year, I am planning to take a page out of Britney Spears recent HEADlines.....With all the attention she's getting I'm gonna shave my head too. Then I 'll go on to SPEARhead a new campaign toward eliminating Personal Income and Sales Taxes....I don't know, somehow I think everyone will still be writing about that crazy bitch....

Now some pictures:

For Rita ::

Now That's an Angry Rabbit
courtesy of COWBOYDOG
A blog with some
truly unique

And for Laura who said she wanted to see something about Cambodia on the blog:

Sunrise in Angkor Wat
courtesy of etravelphotos.com

Happy Sunday

Saturday, February 17, 2007

NASCAR, Toyota and the Daytona 500 - Blogflux

I've never been much of a race fan but this Sunday Toyota will be the first Japanese automaker to compete in NASCAR's top series. For many race fans having a "Foreign" automaker in the "American Race" is akin to having "Osama Bin Laden" on the ticket for President in 2008. The Rednecks won't like this I'm afraid.

But why?? The Toyota Camry is Made In The USA while the Ford Fusion is made in Mexico. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the Dodge Charger are both made in CANADA !!

Die-Hard Nascar fans still aren't happy about having Toyota in NASCAR.

I'm Picking the Toyota Team to win big all year. Keep Americans Employed!

More on the race at USA Today

I've joined up at a site called Blogflux, they have a couple of cool items us bloggers can use and they're free!! I put a Map Stats widget on my sidebar that shows my most recent visitors and you can also make up your own Polls to post on your blog..check them out if you have time.
I Am Not Getting Paid to tell you this, just thought I'd pass it along

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007


I have friends and family who send me those horrible "Chain Letters" that you are asked to send to "Your Friends" and then something will happen, A "Miracle", "A Wish" "You'll Find Love or Money" or as I would like to pass on...Your gonna get ME dressed in Chaine Maille carrying a large sword to lop your head off...I don't want ANY more of those in my mailbox!!

Todays was about a kid with cancer and a tumour......the Make A Wish Foundation was allegedly gonna donate 7 Cents for every time the message was sent on....Hello?? How will they know it was sent on...???

The letters are sappy and I don't believe the stories !! Do any of you get these tiresome EMAILS ?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Free Concert The Stars Come Out in Beantown

Jewel performed a free concert at South Station in Boston, MA last night. My Brother-In-Law is one that will chase down a giveaway whenever the opportunity arises went to the show..I asked him to take his camera and so Courtesy of JC Photography...we got some pictures of

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monday's on TV I have to watch two shows, "HEROES" and "24." Since they are on at the same time I put one on DVR. I watched "HEROES" last night and if you watch the series, then last week you saw the young boy "Micah" discovered his "Power." Micah can go up to any ATM and just get all the cash. ......Pretty Cool.

Now when I sat down to watch last night I was sure that the show would treat Micah just like TV treated Jeannie from the show "I Dream Of Jeannie"

or Samantha from " Bewitched."

In both series the gift that the girls had couldn't be used despite the fact that Darren and Captain Nelson could have had anything they wanted by just asking their girls. Nope their power needed to be hidden.The Capt. and Darren were almost ashamed of it...We didn't get an answer last night about Micah, his mom just got out of jail...but next week I'm sure will see Micah again and I think he'll be treated just like Samantha and Jeannie were.... Me, I'd buy the little guy a little Ski Mask and call it a day......What would you do?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kate's Gasbag Review

I'd never heard of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, and thanks to Kate I won't ever buy it for anyone on my gift list. We also find out that Prizes aren't always worth winning..

Read Kate's Gasbag Review HERE

Join the Gasbags and Blow the Sunday Trumpet and trash some really bad media. It's a Public Service you can be proud of JOIN HERE

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Race to the Presidency and Me

I recently announced that I want to run for President here and then I got a response from a cousin of mine who, I was hoping would help bring the great state of Pennsylvania out in support of my candidacy, but he was informing me about someone else who announced "Her" intentions.

I put the highlights Martha vs Maxine on my food page and I think Maxine was great there. I especially liked her take on the Wine issue, but presidential material...I am not sure. Maybe she would make a good VP or better yet Press Secretary.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


All fixed, I emailed blogger on Feb 1 at 7am, and it was up and working late on the 2nd but as I was so frustrated with it I didn't even turn the computer on until today...


You can!