Monday, February 04, 2008

I've been given and Award

I thank Choo Choo over at "Stop Looking At Me" for bestowing upon me the Excellent Blog Award. I love my Award plaque !!

But getting rated E for Excellent reminds me of where I went to High School.

Being a military brat, I moved around quite a bit, and before I moved to Massachusetts if you were tested in school you could get graded an A, B, C, D or F.....But in Massachusetts you didn't get F' got E's. It always befuddled me, thankfully I didn't earn too many E's to worry about it.

How about Pass/Fail tests where you were just as happy with 75% right as you were with 100% right?? I mean either one still got you a P...

Was this testing scale created to bring A average kids closer to C average kids??

I don't like pass / fail and I hope they don't use that system too much in medical school. I mean if you get a 75% score on your Brain Biopsy test and Betty Boop gets a 100% score, I think I'd want Betty Boop doing my Brain Biopsy. I just don't think Pass/Fail testing would be any good for anything but drug tests .

Of course for pregnancy testing you wouldn't use pass / fail because it wouldn't really be clear.....I mean if you took the test and it came back pass, would you be pregnant or not? I know they use Negative and Positive for that test but I think those results convey feelings. Think about it, if the test is ( Positive=Your Pregnant!) some people see that (Positive) as a (Negative=Oh Shit!!) and vice versa...I think Yes or No is the way to go with that test.

Well, I don't know how I got off on that subject, I am sure there are some pretty crazy testing scales out there that some of you might share here.....

.....or you can just tell me how nice my new Award looks!!