Friday, August 17, 2007

Fergus Frater, What were you thinking??

If you haven't heard the story, Fergus Frater is a 46 year old from the town of Littlehampton, West Sussex in England. He claimed that he won the 35.4 Million Euro Millions Lottery but in fact hadn't won a thing. He got his picture in the local paper, standing beside him was his son and his sister. He'd promised them both a nice share of the money.

He is nowhere to be found now and you have to wonder...What was he thinking?? Did he have one too many pints and just misread the ticket?? Was it a harmless prank that he concocted and then just boiled out of control?/ Whatever the reason, Fergus won't be very popular for a bit as one of the duped was quoted :

"I could kill him ... but he's gone to ground and I've no idea where he is."

Now Gerry Kelly the real winner, a postal worker, is even a bigger surprise, She's giving her ex some of the money!! They have been apart for 8 years!!

Well I know I am not lucky enough to think my ex will ever give me a chunk of the money if she wins the lottery here in the good ol' USA so I am getting some more of my own tickets for tonight's 140 Million dollar jackpot.

Let me say this if I am the sole winner of tonight's Mega-Millions drawing...I will send anyone leaving a comment here before Midnight EST Aug 18, 2007 ! Thousand dollars and an invite to my celebratory bash. At the bash there will be some great door prizes.....

Wish Me Luck!!