Wednesday, April 18, 2012

There something missing in that Bathroom

 Texaco Pledge from 1960

I understand that there is a Presidential election underway but something is bothering me and I am not sure how widespread a problem it is so I am going to ask the ....the smart and insightful...readers of Tom's Hideaway for help investigating this Issue involving Tissue...

That's Right!! Tissue, like Kleenex, the ones you grab for when you have to sneeze or blow your nose and I am sure many other things. My "Issue with Tissue" is not the product itself but the availability of it in Restrooms.

Many I have talked to indicate, and this is verified, that most Casino's have Facial Tissue available in the bathroom, at Foxwood's in Connecticut,  and many  other casinos I've been to you will  find an attendant in the bathroom too. 

I see no need for an attendant in every bathroom , although it might make for some better conditions overall, many bathrooms are "singles" and sharing it with an attendant  would be a little uncomfortable.

Unlike Casinos, and many hotels I have been to, very few Restaurants and Nightclubs offer facial tissue in their bathrooms.  When I need one , I refuse to blow my nose in public, I find myself in a bathroom stall trying to fish out some 2ply toilet paper out of a monstrous and hard to use toilet paper roll in order to get the job done. 

A box of Kleenex at the sink would be so  much more civilized. 

Am I crazy ? Wait...that's not the question. Is what I am asking for Crazy?

I hear that you are more likely to find a box of Tissues in the Ladies Room....but I really can't check that out.

I want my readers to investigate this and get back to me. 
I see a list growing of Bathrooms With or Without Tissue Available beginning already.
Was it in the Ladies Room but not the Mens Room ??

Lets Make it an Issue to have Tissue in the Loo...