Friday, May 16, 2008

SOY-BOY and the Trivia Picture Series Continues

Soy Boy and his twin sister, Soy Girl!! I wonder why she isn't competing in Tom's Trivia Challenge?? A rising star at Tom's Trivia , Soy-Boy started out with a slightly different dream....

He Wanted to be a COW- BOY .... BABY !!

Or maybe the Marlboro Man..what's he got in his mouth??

Soon after his Cow-Boy dreams faded away...He thought maybe he'd be the next American Idol...

But he didn't want to end up singing as an Elvis Impersonator all his life...

So now he's, a student, a teacher and an avid Boston Sports Fan

His BIG DREAM ....... To Be Number 1 on Tom's Trivia!!

Thanks for the pics Soy-Boy and please ask your sister not to get mad at me !! Oh and in that first picture....Those are some nice pants!!