Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Miss My Cave!!

Me as Caveman

We've come a long way along the evolutionary chain and yet there are still a lot of Caveman or Cave woman in all of us....

Me now

Bic Lighters, gas grills and electricity, soft cushions, all make life outside the cave pretty tolerable. But I miss the times when I got pissed off at something or someone and I could just drop a boulder on them or club them senseless. Now it's risky to club some asshole ,we have a legal system, jail... never mind the death penalty...a sure sign that society has evolved!!

What about hunting down a dinosaur, now that's a guns man vs beast. While I've faced off with a few beasts from time to time in the local pub, they weren't half as fun as riding a T-Rex bareback and poking it in the eye with a stick!!

ahh the old you have any fond caveman or cave woman memories, the old days, simpler times, simpler minds

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