Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th, Why Pie??

Yesterday's post was a blatant appeal for a cherry pie....The message got to the right person but this is as close to Cherry Pie as I got last night!!

Today I'm fighting back...I will construct "The Best Pie Ever" Not being that good with the pastry part I've asked for some help on the will be Home Made...No Prefab Crusts...A picture will follow later today just before it's time to eat "The Pie"..

All requests for Pie Recipes will also be posted or sent to those interested!

Oh Why, Oh Why
Am I thinking about Pie??
On Friday the 13th
the month of July.

It's because today marks my 3rd week without smoking...That's right I quit cold turkey and I am going crazy!! Pie seems to be a much better alternative

While I didn't get any Pie last night there was a wonderful dinner prepared. Everywhere I turned there was food and not a whiff of tobacco in the air. Oh and plenty of chocolate and fresh cherries!