Saturday, June 14, 2008

Getting Ready For Game 5, Fathers Day.

The last time it happened was 1986.....

My Game "J" Ticket above got me into the 6th Game of the NBA finals back in 1986.

My friend Mitch won the tickets in a raffle and we watched as the Celtics rolled over the Houston Rockets and win the NBA Championship for the 16th time...

The ticket price then was $14.00 dollars, we paid $5 for the Raffle you are talking at least $150.00 dollars admission to the game this Sunday.

This Box of Wheaties below:

Pictures the Great Larry Bird who led the Celtics to that victory over Houston.

This box of Wheaties dates back to 1986 as well and has never been opened.

It along with the ticket above, an original piece of the Old Boston Garden Floor, a Kevin Garnett Bobble Head and a stuffed Paul Pierce Bear, along with many many Celtics Shirts, Flags and assorted memorabilia make up the Family Room Shrine today as we get set for Game 5 this Father's Day...

The Old Star, Bird in the foreground and on the TV, the current Captain of the Celtics, Paul Pierce with coach Doc Rivers.

Everywhere you look you see Celtic Green !!

Let's Go Celtics !!!


Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all !!