Monday, May 07, 2007

WWE Are you Ready to Rumble...NOT!!

Your Wrestler Name Is...

Captain Grover the Giant

Now that is a really bad name, I think if they announced Captain Grover The Giant it would be on Sesame Street before you would ever hear me introduced to the WWE ring.

Ladies and Gentlemen!!

We have a triple
smackdown scheduled tonight with the MAN OF STONE, The Rock with the MAN NO ONE WANTS TO MEET The Undertaker!!!! and they will be battling CAPTAIN GROVER THE GIANT !!

I can see The Rock and The Undertaker running out the back right now.....

Now I don't want to give the impression I like Pro Wrestling. Lets get this straight...It's stupid, fake and altogether ridiculous. The reason I have it on my mind is that I saw an ad for a Pay Per View Wrestling event coming up...I just want to say you would have to be a moron to pay for a show like that. Hello...It's Fake!!!

The opinion expressed above is mine if you agree or disagree or just want to share you Wrestler Name with me just comment below:

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