Monday, March 15, 2010

Celtics, St Patrick, Arks......

St Patty's Day is upon us and I'll be wearing the green at the Celtics game Wednesday night. I'm bringing a friend of mine who I don't see often enough. The last time we went to a game together was Game J in 1986 when Larry Bird and the gang trounced the Houston Rockets and won the NBA Championship.

Well the game Wednesday isn't quite as promising,  current Celtic team has been falling a bit flat lately,  but the company will be good and it is St Patrick's Day!!
In other NEWS!

The rain has finally stopped falling!! I was beginning to think the Mayans got it wrong and the world was ending now instead of December 21st 2012. Despite the fact that Peabody, Ma got over 8 INCHES of the wet stuff....... I never got to sign up for those Ark Building Classes and was beginning to regret it..But it stopped..

The Mayans are still on course...we got a good 20 months or so before were going to need  an Ark

Plenty of time to enjoy a couple Martinis and enjoy life...

Hope all is well in your world.