Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Music Source

Sad Steve

That's the place. I love music and it's even better when I can listen to just about anything I want, anytime. Since becoming a chronic web surfer I have found Last FM, Pandora, Limewire and many others. Recently I was told about Sad Steve and this site allows you to listen to songs from virtually any artist. It doesn't require you to install any software or pay a fee for listening or downloading songs.

They do have some songs that don't work or won't play, but I like the variety and often go to the page they refer to as "The Percolator" which plays a wide variety of music. They also have mixes for workouts, just chillin or world music.

If you are listening to a song you really like you can share it with others via email, posting it on facebook or just downloading it and putting it on a cd for your next car ride.

If you like music, like variety..check out Sad Steve