Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's going on?? A pictureless post..Just READ it!!

Here all sorts of things are happening...

I've developed a new way to interpret your Chakras, you know those 7 centers of energy. I've seen some of the tests out there involving 50 or more questions about how to read you
chakras.Let me tell you my Chalk-Ra Line system will tell you in a matter of minutes whether your spiritual elements are in alignment, so Stay Tuned....

I know I've been going on a lot about pie, but when "someone" called and said she was making a Fresh Cherry-Nectarine Pie and asked what I'd make dinner??? Well that's a problem..I told her I'd make dinner now WHAT will I make??

Somehow, in the middle of discovery and temptation I must also produce a post and that made me think...I've noticed a lot of postings lately where people are sick and have left postings up there asking us to wait it out..There were some attempts at short posts to "keep us blog readers happy" but really...Are they sick??

Could it be a cheap ploy to gain the sympathy of others??

Could there be a conspiracy of "sickness" out there to gain readership and comments??

If so I want to let you know that I have DIARRHEA !!

No one wants a picture of that...!!

Just kidding.about the diarrhea, not the picture..I hope all you sickos out there get better FAST

Oh and don't forget I'll be giving out my "Secrets Of The Chalk-Ra soon, there will be pictures.