Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild Swordfish??

I went to the Fish Market today and picked up some fresh swordfish for dinner. I noticed the sign they had where the fresh swordfish steaks sat on the ice, indicated that the fish I was looking at was "Wild Swordfish"

I asked the girl behind the counter if the swordfish was previously frozen? When she told me it wasn't, I told her I wanted a couple pounds. It didn't hit me until I was driving away..

Wild Swordfish ??

"Hmmm," I thought "Is there any other kind of swordfish other than wild??"

I don't think I have ever heard of anyone having a domesticated swordfish.

I've never heard of farm raised swordfish.

I am pretty sure all swordfish live in the wild, but maybe that wasn't what the sign meant.

Maybe the swordfish I got today was just Wild and Crazy, kinda like Steve Martin, but a fish?

He could have been the fish that really lived, really jumped high out of the water, took chances. Maybe one too many chances I thought as I looked down at my neatly wrapped package of swordfish steaks.

I got home and basted those swordfish steaks with a little lemon/pepper and butter sauce and grilled them on the barbecue.

While I am not sure if there are anything but wild swordfish, I know one thing...

Those swordfish steaks were delicious !!