Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM....and a Video

Well I just saw the total eclipse of the moon....I could hear Pink Floyd music playing too...weird!

Another strange thing is the SPAM I've been receiving lately.

I don't know about you but I use Gmail and it's pretty good about keeping spam out of my inbox...I have to look though...It's just amazing to me all the work these freakin' spammers put into their nefarious undertakings. Imagine if they directed their efforts to better society rather than just being pains in ass...Yes the world would be a better place!! Here's a sample of what I've been getting:

Arlington Smole ?? What kinda name is that and I'm sorry Arl but the girls are already going wild I don't know where you are getting your info!!

Patty Griffith...YOU SHOULD KNOW Better..I'm tellin your MOM!!

Skin Repair?? What's wrong with my skin???

Elbert Buck!! That's a funny name too and I didn't order any drugs AND IF I wanted them I'd just call Patty Griffith anyway smartass!

The strangest one..from Kristin Neal : Subject RIBSPARE

I've heard of spareribs, maybe he or she is dyslexic, but then I get a little preview of what's written in the email and it says

" thinking of your abiding spirit Appendices Bronze the sky, with no"

That's it! All I can read...oh and that particular email comes with an attachment. It's tempting, I really kinda wonder how to finish that sentence, but I resisted and just deleted the crap.

I mean we're having a total eclipse of the moon.....odds are something would have come out of that attachment and eaten my hard drive.


Beatles LIVE on the Roof of Apple Records
January 30, 1969

Watch the show, enjoy a break maybe tell me your spam stories just don't send me any!!