Saturday, February 16, 2008

King Tom, Getting Ahead of Myself

Note the Red Sox Crown!!

I was so certain my Mega Millions numbers were due that I commissioned a picture of my noble self for the new diggs I was set to close on this Saturday !

Now I am going to have to find a way to pay for that!!

My future dining room and the stairway to my bedroom......

I like to call it the Stairway to Heaven!!

Anyway the good news is that no one won and that my numbers will now come up for sure on the next Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday....I'll just have to close this deal on the Castle on Wednesday or Thursday... No problem!

On my last post I asked if any blogosphere Hotties wanted to Be My Valentine..they would share in my future fortune!!

While I didn't get the response I was expecting...there were a few interested in sharing my wild optimism even if their willingness to be my Valentine was tied to an actual win...

Alas there was one wonderful creature out there willing to jump on my Luck Train and when I win she will have her Royal Portrait done as well !!

Until the next time, I bid you all a Royal FAREWELL!!