Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The Boston Red Sox vs The Angels

The game will be played in Historic Fenway Park...Here are some pictures my friend Jim took when we were attending a game this year in Boston

Our Seats

That's Wally the Green Monster

Our View of the Game...

I snapped the one below of Fenway Park from the top of the Prudential Building..A.K.A. "The Top Of The Hub"

The Hub is how some citizens of Boston refer to their fair city. The roots of the term Hub started with Oliver Wendell Holmes. He coined the term Hub when he wrote in
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
that the ...

State-House is the hub of the solar system."

In 1868, Rev. Foster B Zinke in his book Last Winter In The United States wrote,

Massachusetts has been the wheel within New England, and Boston the wheel within Massachusetts. Boston therefore is often called the "hub of the world," since it has been the source and fountain of the ideas that have reared and made America."

Some people outside of Boston think we are a little "Self Centered" Actually we are just a little ahead of everyone else, however; we are friendly and we welcome The California Angels to Fenway Park tonight.

Somehow I think they will remember Boston, not as the Hub, but as a little taste of Hell as the Red Sox rip them apart!!

GO Sox