Monday, March 15, 2010

Celtics, St Patrick, Arks......

St Patty's Day is upon us and I'll be wearing the green at the Celtics game Wednesday night. I'm bringing a friend of mine who I don't see often enough. The last time we went to a game together was Game J in 1986 when Larry Bird and the gang trounced the Houston Rockets and won the NBA Championship.

Well the game Wednesday isn't quite as promising,  current Celtic team has been falling a bit flat lately,  but the company will be good and it is St Patrick's Day!!
In other NEWS!

The rain has finally stopped falling!! I was beginning to think the Mayans got it wrong and the world was ending now instead of December 21st 2012. Despite the fact that Peabody, Ma got over 8 INCHES of the wet stuff....... I never got to sign up for those Ark Building Classes and was beginning to regret it..But it stopped..

The Mayans are still on course...we got a good 20 months or so before were going to need  an Ark

Plenty of time to enjoy a couple Martinis and enjoy life...

Hope all is well in your world.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010


 During a recent password audit,
it was found that a blond
was using the following password:


When asked why she had such a long password,

she said she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters long
and include at least one capital.

The pic courtesy of chris, thanks (-:

The New Asprin



Bayer is making crystal aspirin to dissolve under the tongue. They work much faster than the tablets.


Why keep aspirin by your bedside? 

About Heart Attacks

There are other symptoms of an heart attack besides the pain on the left arm. 
One must also be aware of an intense pain on the chin, as well as nausea and lots of sweating, however these symptoms may also occur less frequently.
Note: There may be NO pain in the chest during a heart attack.  The majority of people (about 60%) who  had a heart attack during their sleep, did not wake up.  However, if it occurs, the chest pain may wake you up from your deep sleep.

If that happens, immediately dissolve 
two aspirins in your mouth and swallow them with a bit of water.

 - phone a neighbor or a family member who lives very close by
 - say "heart attack!"
 - say that you have taken 2 aspirins..
 - take a seat on a chair or sofa near the front door, and wait for their arrival and...
~ do NOT lie down ~

A Cardiologist has stated that, if each person, reading this tells 10 people, probably one life can be saved!

I have already shared the information- - What about you?