Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Winner, Trivia Update

It was a crazy week at Tom's Trivia Challenge, with tests on Europe and Australia. We saw our Australian friend kathlock actually score lower than the man just south of Boston...PG on the Australia quiz!!

Like last week, our most dominate player for the week accumulating even more points than he did last week a big CONGRATS goes out to

Hope is on the horizon for some of the young blood getting into the top 5 as we see soy-boy and pixiepants finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Our Indiana Star, dawtch came in 5th and surprising no one, kathlock remains in the top 5 scorers albeit a little lower than normal in 4th place.

Player Total Points Overall Rank
1. PG 130 1
2. soy-boy 94 3
3.pixiepants 92 8
4. kathlock 91 2
5. dawtch 83 4

As we move into the last full week of the month I will change up the categories again today and of course always hope to see some new players join Tom's Trivia Challenge.. I know of at least 4 players who flew off to Mexico yesterday so I am not sure if we will see them in the coming week..I wish all good luck and have a great week.