Sunday, September 28, 2008

A day to remember..Mary Margaret Ahern

September 29th, 2004 was a very sad day for me and those who knew and loved Mary, she died that morning almost a year after having a terrible head injury, months of chronic pain, and fighting depression.

Funny, fiery, a beautiful girl, but over that last year of her life we only caught glimpses of the Mary we knew and loved.


Today, as we have for the past three years , friends and family gathered together and celebrated Mary's life, shared some of the stories , cried a little, laughed a little, it was a good day to remember , as Mary's Mom calls her, "Our Precious Butterfly"

R.I.P. My Love

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rainy Daisies

Lots of rain expected this weekend,

I guess the flowers need to shower every once in awhile.

Have a nice weekend wherever you are !

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Birthday, Trivia Update & Weekly Winners



You don't look a day over 3 !!


My statistician lost last weeks stat sheet which means....I had to go back 2 weeks and so the Winner this week will be based on total points for the last 14 days...

Furthermore I have a very busy day planned so with very little Pomp and Circumstance !! Here are the leaders over the last 2 WEEKS !!

PLAYER Weekly PTS Overall Standing
1. kathlock 203 2
2. Shaun 196 3
3. sneaky 188 1
4. TheJackster 178 5
5. Badlydrawnbhoy 174 9

CONGRATS Kath, seems like last week !!

I also added a little poll up top , seems crazy but currently I see that we have a lot of "Tiger Wannabees" out there. More on that later when this Poll has ended.

Have a great week !!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bridge to Nowhere

Click for larger size

The bridge you see was once known as the Carlton Bridge and it spanned the Kennebec River in Maine connecting the Ship Building City of Bath and the town Woolwich but it's been replaced by a new bridge, to the left of the tracks, which is named the Sagadahoc Bridge, named after the county in Maine.

Bath , home to the General Dynamics Company "Bath Iron Works", just to the right of the "bridge to nowhere you can see the cranes which are a part of the shipyard, which has built and or designed hundreds of military vessels including today's most advanced class of Destroyer.

The Works is one of Maine's largest employers.

I was trying out the Panoramic Feature on my Fuji Camera..Still working on technique !!

Have a great day

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trivia Update, Weekly Winners

She has been there before and she's back at it again....

The winner this week is:

The Australian Phenom !!

and prolific Blogger

from Blurb from the Burbs

From Trivia Players
Isn't she adorable sitting in that sink??

Last weeks winner Sneaky was a point shy of a tie and sits in 2nd place.

From Trivia Players
That's Sneaky !!

The 3rd place finisher, with 110 points who , like a shooting star, moved from 10 place overall last week to 3rd place overall this week is:

From Trivia Players
The Jackster

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 Top Weekly Scorers for last week:

Player Total Points Overall Rank
1. kathlock 126 2
2. Sneaky 125 1
3. TheJackster 110 3
4. Shaun 96 14
5. Badlydrawnbhoy 93 28

Finally I would like to welcome 2 new players

POM and TomMorrow !

Good Luck this week to everyone !!!

Don't forget to root for "The Brady-less" New England Patriots who play the Jets and Brett Favre who I am sure everyone remembers from the movie "There's Something About Mary"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Birthday and Some other Odds & Ends

A Big Birthday Wish goes out to one of our many Trivia Players...

HAPPY Birthday BUNNY !!

I didn't buy you anything bunny but that's just because I don't want to spoil you.

I mean..YOU are Perfect Already !!


In other news we received a Scenic Picture from another one of our Trivia Player's

JLO went to visit one of the many Natural wonders in Scenic State of New Hampshire over the summer...

The Flume Gorge in Franconia State Park

In Sporting News:

The IQ attended last nights baseball game in San Diego where he was able to see Manny Ramirez hit 2 Home Runs and knock in 4 RBI's to POWER the LA Dodgers over the San Diego Padres to extend there lead to 3 1/2 games and remain in 1st place in their division

Too bad the Sox didn't have any power last night as they lost their game in 14 innings, The heart of the order, Youkilis, Ortiz and the affable Jason Bay combined for an anemic 0 for 14 against the 1st place Tampa Bay Devil Rays !!

And I stayed up to watch!!

Can't Wait For Sunday's Patriots Game

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Trivia Players Picture Series, The IQ

I received a Trivia Player's picture today, and he looks like a force to be reckoned with..well I don't know about that. He's certainly having some fun out there off the coast of Southern California out on Catalina Island.

The IQ also sent me this picture which gave me a good idea...

The Trivia Picture Series will be happy to post any scenic shots you may want to share from wherever you are from or maybe a vacation spot you visited recently.

You don't even have to be in the picture, but hey...wouldn't you have more fun just Striking a Pose !!

As I have said before, my EMAIL is on the sidebar

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sneaky, Un-Covered !!

Tom's Trivia Picture Series is BACK

And it's SNEAKY !!

He hails from Swampscott, MA and is a 40 something Bartender/Writer that enjoys playing trivia at Tom's Trivia Challenge. He's been known to serve me a pretty good Grey Goose Martini and was the most recent Weekly Winner (see last post) After reading about his Weekly Win he sent me the picture above...

Thanks Sneaky, now that we can see ya, we all know what we are up against !!

If you haven't sent me a picture yet, my email is on the sidebar

Trivia Update, Weekly Winners

It's been a week filled with new players, Here is a big Tom's Hideaway welcome to:

Phantom, SheShe, Minnie, Badlydrawnbhoy, Tiff , LemonYellow and Witchbabe13

Here are the leaders for the 1st week of September, 2008 !!

Player Total Points Overall Rank
1. sneaky 117 1
2. kathlock 97 2
3. Tom 95 3
4. PG 95 4
5. Sally 82 5

For the first time Sneaky has topped the Top Point Getters list here at Tom's Trivia Challenge

BIG CONGRATS to the elusive SNEAKY !!

Of course it would be nice to put a face to the Competition and we still have a lot of players, Like Sneaky, who haven't sent in their picture for the Trivia Picture Series and I think maybe some of you may not have a picture readily available so I'll change the rules a bit.

You can send me ANY picture that you would like to represent you here in the Tom's Trivia long as you have permission to use the picture !!

So ideally, it's a photo you or a friend has taken, maybe a picture of a Stuffed Chicken, or icon you have made up for yourself. Send them in to my email on the sidebar here with a little info about yourself, ie. favorite color, general location or whatever you feel we might find interesting and then I'll just make up the rest before I post them with appropriate Pomp and Circumstance.

It's not going to put you on some crazy mailing list and I will not use your email for any nefarious purposes!!

If you have a blog/web page let me know so that I can tell everyone where we can find you !!

Friday, September 05, 2008

I hope it's not too late !!

I was in Maine recently and I passed by this sign...

Now I know that what's left of the Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Hanna is on the way up the Eastern Seaboard this weekend but I don't think it's going to be so bad that I'll need an Ark.

Clearly though, people in Maine, believe that it's time to prepare. And since this is the first time I have seen Ark Classes advertised anywhere, EVER, maybe it's time to sign up !!

The thing is I don't want to go all Noah and have to round up 2 of every animal. I mean think of how picky you would have to be when it comes to dogs...

You can only bring 2,

Which kind?

We have a dachshund and I can't leave her behind.

But what about all the other dogs?
The Westminster Dog Show has nearly 200 breeds of dogs in there show alone !! I certainly don't want to be trapped on an Ark with 400 dogs !!

Think of the POOP!


I'll make space for the family and of course I think it would be necessary to bring 2 of each type of female, I am after all single and of course many of my nephews are too. They would be allowed to bring there girlfriends of course but for those of us that are , unattached, well I have to think of them, er of Me anyway!

So 2 Blondes, 2 Brunettes....

As far as animals go....I won't be packing up the rats up or the skunks??

Who needs em!!??

I think I'll concentrate on people and supplies.

Chocolate...Lots of it.

Batteries and a couple windmills.

Some solar panels

I certainly want to put a Sail on the Ark, I mean if the BIG FLOOD is coming it will be hard to keep getting fuel in the future.

A compass!!


Well if you can help me with some ideas of what to bring, maybe I'll come by and pick you up in my Ark, when the time comes, you may want to take a Raft building course as it may take some time to get to you.

Or build your own Ark !! We could have an Ark Club, kinda like a Yacht Club except on a grander scale.

Really how could you pack enough chocolate on ONE ARK ?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Creepy House or New Age Security System ??

Just across town, in a nice neighborhood, I drive by this house every day...

At first I thought, hmmm I guess "Yard Maintenance" isn't a priority, but then ...

One day the 2nd floor window caught my eye.

I noticed a doll pressed up against the glass.

Looking closer later that day I noticed something else about " The Doll"

It's holding a KNIFE !!

If the occupants are leaving that doll up there to creep people out, It's working for me!!

Maybe it's a poor man's security system???

Make people believe there are some real bad dudes inside and no on will try to break in???

I'm just glad I don't live next door.

I still can't believe I got out of the car to take a picture !!

Monday, September 01, 2008

It's Official !!

The Official Indiana State Tree is:

Uploaded to Flickrby cdw9
The Tulip Tree

Uploaded on January 27, 2007
by vlastik

State Bird is the Cardinal

Uploaded on May 21, 2006
by tollen
State Flower is Peony

And the Indiana State Champ at Tom's Trivia Challenge !!



She's the author of the blog The Life & Times and has shown that, even if she doesn't know a damn thing about sports, she's a good guesser !!


Who will be on TOP this September !!??

join and play for free; Tom's Trivia Challenge