Friday, May 04, 2007

Possible Side-Effects

I don't like commercials, well I like funny ones..I Like "The Slowskies " and most beer commercials but the Vagisil commercial where the mother, the daughter and the grandmother all have found Vagisil to be this amazing product!! It leaves me thinking....What a good "clean" family,but hey maybe it's not vagisil they need but better hygiene ...I don't know. For my mothers' sake I'll move on to the other kinds of commercials that I find are wasting my mind away.

Drug commercials, they all seem so UpBeat. Now you can take a sleep medicine and "Catch Up" on your sleep, an Anti Depressant to bring your "Mood Up", something for your ADD so you can "Straighten Up" your miserable disorganized life . After you have done all those things a man can go out there and find a girlfriend and use some male enhancement drug to "Get Up." and while they certainly don't advertise steroid use..they will help you Buff Up.

The underlying problem with all these drugs is that if taken together you will probably "Throw Up" or worse. I think there is way too many of these quick fix meds going around. The only funny thing about the commercials are the possible side effects they announce at the end and the one they all seem to list is.....

Diarrhea !!....who wants that during a good nights sleep??

Well I "gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go right now"...sure wish I had some Percocets for my ankle(-: