Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where are they now??

Have you ever visited a blog and found it hadn't been updated in months?
The last post was sometime in April and the blogger's last post was something like

Weekend Plan - April 20, 2007

"On Saturday I'm gonna go get Jill and we're gonna go for a walk up the Hill ..Hope everyone has a great weekend" Jack (-:

And then nothing. You happen to stumble upon the blog in August and there's no report back, No Jack, No Jill!

They have disappeared into the void and you'll never know what happened. But hey we can make up stories of what might have...

Maybe Jack went to pick up Jill for the walk up the hill and found her with another man? Jack, might have beat the crap out of the guy and then got arrested and put in jail....

Maybe he got hit by a car on his way to get Jill and he's still recovering from his injuries...

Maybe Jill shot Jack because he was cheating on her?

Or they were both killed by a pack of angry wolves while trying to get a drink of water after climbing the hill..

Possibly they were victims of a simple alien abduction??

Whatever the reason it seems clear that these people will not be back anytime soon but it begs the question...What happens to your blog if you die?

Should we be putting passwords in our wills so that someone somewhere can shut the blog down or say farewell to the readers?

Should we be writing out last post now with instruction on how to post it?

This post is filled with questions and damn it I want some answers?