Sunday, February 10, 2008

My reflections on the 50th Grammy Award Show

Too many damn commercials including the Grammy Guys selling a book

Kanye West....what an ASS ! Getting mad cause they are playing music behind him during his acceptance speech..he was taking too long trying to put a sentence together....He loves his momma which was about the most redeeming quality that he showed and his attitude made him the butt of a couple one liners later..

My Favorite, Vince Gill getting his Grammy handed to him by Ringo Starr and then saying, "I just got an award from a Beatle!" then he looked at Kanye and said "That ever happen to you??"

Everyone in the place got a chuckle out of that one.

Brad Paisley singing, I Wanna Check You For Ticks.....That'll be my new pick up line. "Hey honey, you just cut across the lawn there, you better let me check you for ticks" What a stupid song.

Kanye I love my momma too but I don't think she could have pulled off what Tina Turner did ..hell she ended her performance with a high kick, well medium kick..Good for her.

I like the Foo Fighters and Amy Whinehouse getting their Grammy's and putting out good performances too.

Show stopper, in this case ender..Herbie Hancock getting "Album of the Year" He rightly beat out Kanye...but there was also Amy W. and the Foo's who I am sure had more sales then Herbie....He's a true musician and it is huge that the Grammy guys stepped up and gave him this Award.

Well anyone else have any thoughts..this was all off the top of my head. I'm going to bed, all in all the show kept me awake but I've seen better.