Friday, February 27, 2009

Tom's thoughts on taxes....

"We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.

We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.

If we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessities and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds... (We will) have no time to think, no means of calling our miss-managers (our government) to account but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow sufferers...

And this is the tendency of all human governments.

A departure from principle in one incident becomes a precedent for (another)...till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery.

And the fore horse of this frightful team is public debt (Bailouts !!)

Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression"

Thomas Jefferson, July 12th 1816

We were warned but I think it might be too late...!!

Tom, February 27th, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

73 Bands I remember seeing live

73 of the Bands I have been lucky enough to see over the past years, I have put a link with each one so you can get a little video of them if you aren't familiar with their music..

I am still thinking...

One of my absolute favorite performances was a single song, by Johnny Winter in a small club in Boston, Ma and he performed Redhouse, a Jimi Hendrix song

Led Zeppelin was fun, the all time best line up though was in Oakland California where I saw Eddie Money, Peter Tosh, Carlos Santana and the Rolling Stones in 1978

10 Years After
3rd Eye Blind
AC/DC (with Bon Scott)
Aerosmith in the 70's, 80's and 90's
Alanis Morissette
Alice Cooper 3rd row seats, Great Show!
Allman Brothers
Arlo Guthrie
Barenaked Ladies
Bob Welch
Buffalo Tom
Dave Mason
Eddie Money
Elton John 1976
Emerson,Lake & Palmer
Frank Marino & Mahogony Rush
Frank Zappa
G-Love & Special Sauce
Gary Wright Most Boring Show EVAH
Gin Blossoms
Heart At the California Jam 2
J Geils
Jefferson Starship
Jethro Tull
Joe Perry Project
Joe Walsh
Johnny Winter (Playing Red House was Awesome)
Judas Priest
KiKi Dee
Kings of Leon
Led Zeppelin (Final show in US with John Bonham)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (Before the Plane Crash)
Marshall Tucker (1st Band I ever saw)
Molly Hatchett
Neil Young
Peter Gabriel
Peter Tosh (He was on Tour with Rolling Stones)
Pink Floyd (1975) this recording is from the show
Porno For Pyros
Presidents Of USA
Rick Derringer
Rolling Stones (best show 1978) 2 other x's
RUSH All about the drums baby
Sammy Hagar
Styx (in the 70's) Good Live Video from CHICAGO
Ted Nugent
The Cars
The Cranberries
The Eagles
The Foo Fighters
The Guess Who
The Killers
The Silver Beats (Japanese Beatles Cover Band)
The Who (Year drummer,Keith Moon, died)
Thin Lizzy
Till Tuesday
Tiny Tim
Todd Rundgren
Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar)

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Answers and another Challenge!

Mystery Close-Up Pictured above Before being used..


Thanks to those who tried to guess what the close up photos were in my last post, and hey it's OK....Like the song goes "2 Out of three ain't bad"

The Correct Answers were...

  1. Red Pepper Flakes
  2. Chocolate Milk Shake
  3. Denim Jeans
Dawtch was the closest in her second attempt and I love that she came back to try again. She went with hot cocoa rather than a cold Chocolate Shake (-:

MOMZY Cannot guess the current mystery close-up because she helped me with the lighting, but I always welcome her comments...NO HINTS MOMZY!!

Go Ahead, take a guess....all I will say is it's a utilitarian item...I may throw another image at you all if no one gets it right away.

Now I am off to ponder the next thing the Governor of Massachusetts may decide he wants to tax...currently he has proposed hiking the state's gas tax by 19 cents per gallon to a nation-leading 42.5 cents per gallon

He doesn't have a problem with this because his car is filled with gas paid for by Massachusetts Taxpayers !!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Close Ups

I've been experimenting with a setting on my camera that allows me to take extreme close-up pictures using the Super Macro setting.

As I haven't been able to come up with a decent post I thought about challenging any readers that may stumble upon my lonely page to guess what they are looking at in the next three pics.




Good Luck

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whole Lotta Rosie !!

If you are tired of your current dasktop wallpaper, this Rose makes a pretty good one.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paintings by Ron Mueller

I saw this painting the other day and I have to say it took me by surprise.
It was painted by the father of a friend of mine.

I guess at first I thought it was just a simple study of flowers in acrylic paint, but it was more complex than that.

Those are some crazy petals !!

I wonder if Ron is just using the flowers to illustrate people. Showing us that despite differences between us, it's still possible to grow and even flourish together.

I don't know...I guess I'll have to ask him.

Here's another painting, a water color that he did shortly after the 9/11 disaster in NY..

I am afraid my camera does not do Ron's art much justice, this picture is actually quite large and I couldn't get the entire picture into one frame.

A closer look at the "Angels helping each other" in the picture

I really could not come up with a post today, but Ron's pictures are worth, at least, a thousand words.

Friday, February 06, 2009

An Irish Joke

Subject: Irish Robbery

An armed hooded robber bursts into the Bank of Ireland and forces the tellers to load a sack full of cash. On his way out the door with the loot one brave Irish customer grabs the hood and pulls it off, revealing the robber's face.

The robber shoots the guy without hesitation!

He then looks around the bank to see if anyone else has seen him. One of the tellers is looking straight at him and the robber shoots him also.

Everyone by now is very scared and looking down at the floor. " Did anyone else see my face?" calls the robber.

There are a few moments of silence, then one elderly Irish gent, looking down, tentatively raises his hand and says:

"I think me wife may have caught a glimpse...."