Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paintings by Ron Mueller

I saw this painting the other day and I have to say it took me by surprise.
It was painted by the father of a friend of mine.

I guess at first I thought it was just a simple study of flowers in acrylic paint, but it was more complex than that.

Those are some crazy petals !!

I wonder if Ron is just using the flowers to illustrate people. Showing us that despite differences between us, it's still possible to grow and even flourish together.

I don't know...I guess I'll have to ask him.

Here's another painting, a water color that he did shortly after the 9/11 disaster in NY..

I am afraid my camera does not do Ron's art much justice, this picture is actually quite large and I couldn't get the entire picture into one frame.

A closer look at the "Angels helping each other" in the picture

I really could not come up with a post today, but Ron's pictures are worth, at least, a thousand words.


Kath Lockett said...

They are secretly rather clever, aren't they, and just as relevant here in Australia as we're trying to come to grips with the most devastating and deadly bushfires in our history.....

Momzy said...

U.S. news coverage of the terrible fires in Australia is heart-breaking.
Hope and pray you all get relief from this soon.

Skinhead Barbiedoll said...

The 9/11-painting is really beautiful!