Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dieting, It's not gonna be easy !!

For those who happen to get my posts in their Email, I am sorry. You just received a post that was absolutely blank !!

Quite frankly, my mind has been somewhat of a blank lately when it comes to posting something.

So I thought I'd clue you into where my mind is lately.

I'm thinking about food. ALL THE TIME !! Only I am thinking, "In order to stay under my 2100 calorie self imposed diet what can I eat ??

They smell so good coming out of the oven !!

I have to stay away from my sisters Potato Rolls, that's for sure!!

The rolls seem to be calling to me , nestled seductively in their basket and on the table next to them the Butter screams out my name !!

My goal is to lose 2 lbs a week and according to the info I have read, exercise and maintaining a 2100 calorie limit will help me do just that.

MMM, Anne's Banana Cream Pie!!

Anne's pie IS on my diet, sort of. ....

I have to avoid eating the crust, the cream and well I can eat bananas.
Today I checked the nutritional information on a chocolate bar, that's a first.

I discovered I could have 2.5 squares of dark chocolate and that it would add 60 calories to my daily tab. I gobbled it down as I haven't tasted chocolate in 3 days.

I needed it !!

So if any of you get crazy postings from me in your email, please forgive me !! I am going through food withdrawal !!

Tom's Mac and Cheese topped with crispy bacon...A real NO NO !!

I'm taking a break from cheese and fat. Someone told me the other day that cheese is addictive!!

I believe that !!

Well. I am going to munch on some baby carrots and put some laundry in !!