Sunday, June 01, 2008

Trivia Weekly Winners

While we all know PG won the Monthly game...Today I see a couple new players and some returning players back in the game. It's a clean Slate so everyone try and play as many days as possible...I see we have some Vacationers actually playing from Disney World...Awesome!!

Well back to the business of naming the Weekly Winner as I had to work this morning I did not have time to tabulate the results..And they are interesting.

Congrats to....


While she tried her best to catch PG at the end for the monthly win...he just didn't let up. PG was a close second but it was a crazy week where as you can see from the results below::

Player Weekly Pts Overall Standing
1.kathlock 120 2
2.PG 119 1
3.Tom 93 3
4.Dawtch 80 2
4.Bunny 80 4
5.thewino 67 21

There were actually 6 in the top 5 as there was a tie for 4th place between Dawtch and Bunny

Of course "Your Trivia Host" made an appearance winning his first game of the month on the last day and getting 3rd place for both the week and the month!!

Probably the biggest move was made "thewino" really getting serious in the last week of the month and coming out of 21st place overall to make the top 5...Nice Job Wino!!

thewino proves to us all that no matter where you are in the standings you can come out a winner in any given week..

Hey ! We need a picture of thewino!! And of course keep looking for updates to the Player Picture Series..It just keeps growing!!

Good Luck All and tell your friends to play...the more that play the more points you can earn when you get the win!!

Congrats PG !! Manny 500!!

CONGRATS PG from Annoyingly Boring...

Weekly Winners will be announced later as I'll be painting all day !!

Check and see if you made it in the Hall Of Fame!!

Someone who is guaranteed to go into the HALL OF FAME is Red Sox Outfielder Manny Aristides Ramirez who hit his 500th Home Run last night in Baltimore...Only 24 other Major League Baseball Players ever done it