Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When You Were Young


"When you were Young" a line from one of the many songs from The Killers show Sunday is still ringing in my head...I'll get to the reason in a moment..Let me say by the grace of Alcohol and Ibuprofen The Killers show was very well done. While I honestly don't know the name of the opening act, they were all from Japan and sang Beatles covers..I really enjoyed them...Now... the real news

Prior to the show we had a large family gathering...29 people....and we ate and drank and enjoyed each others company..I went outside after eating and saw the under 2o somethings playing catch with the football...Now I can do that, said my stupid inner voice...I'm only 40 something..

I grabbed another 40 something and we challenged the under 21 somethings to a game of 2 hand touch..Now the 20 somethings started with the ball but we stopped them and while I felt good about that, the warning signs should have been apparent..They were not breathing heavy and my teammate said he ate too much and felt like he might puke...But we kept at it and while I did throw an interception maybe two plays later and watched the young one score...We did manage to tie it up.

It was then that my left foot decided not to play anymore. I mean this has happened to me before while painting my hand will cramp and say "I'd rather be holding a beer!" This time it was my foot saying "Hello we're going to a concert tonight, I'm leaving"

Fortunately for me when my hand cramps up I just use the other on to paint with. Unfortunately, when my Left Foot decides to quit, bad things happen...See picture below

Needless too say while The Killers were good, My foot is killing me and then there's the line to that song playing in my head!1

"when you were young......blah blah blah blah blah"