Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tom 4 President 2008 a Sexy Campaign

My campaign for the Presidency has really hit a dead end and what I need is a Campaign Manager. The premise of my campaign is to run for the Presidency without accepting money from anyone. A virtual Campaign on the Internet. Of course I will make myself available for interviews and television appearances when they are presented to me.

Currently I've had more votes for my blogs listed on the Spicy Pages directory than I have had for my efforts to make it to the White House in 2008. The need for a Campaign Manager has never been more apparent.

The appropriate candidate for this job will be need to accept the fact that until we make it to the White House, he/she won't be paid. Of course when we get there, you will be made part of the White House Staff and get paid accordingly. Even if we don't make it the exposure you receive on this campaign will pay for itself. Hell you could make a scandalous private sex tape and become as famous as say, Paris Hilton!! Headlines like:

"Tom's Campaign Manager on Sexy Live WebCam"

With this said, I think the best candidate for the job would be an extremely sexy woman.

Another snag in my ability to draw voters away from the filthy rich candidates they are currently presented with, is my ability to influence the House and Senate. Not being a Republican or Democrat, I supposedly would not be able to influnce these groups effectively.

With this said, I believe one of the best ways to influence some members of government is to have very sexy women working side by side with me. My Sexy Chief of Staff and I will need to find a Vice Presidential running mate and of course we will have 15 Highly Influential, Smart and Sexy Cabinet Members to pick.

Finally, I need a First Lady, my criteria:

An Extremely Sexy Woman.

Anyone interested can email me from this page, anyone with ideas please comment and Thankyou...International support for my campaign, not money, just encouragement, is welcome.

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