Monday, July 06, 2009

Momzy is Back with the Million Dollar Brain!!

I have been a rather inconsistent blogger since about June 4th, 2009

That day I was filling up my camera with great shots of Cambridge and my youngest son graduating High School in Harvard Yard, I did post that good news, but just before Pat was to take the stage I made a call home to check with my sister to see how my mother..AKA of my faithful Trivia players and frequent comment makers here at Tom's Hideaway was doing as she had not been feeling well. Headache...Nausea and I had asked my sister to check in on her later!!

Well, I heard very quickly that things had taken a turn for the worse. Momzy was fresh out of a CAT Scan and had a large subdural hematoma, a brain bleed if you will. Her brain was being compressed in her skull from bleeding in her head.

She was rushed to Mass General Hospital in Boston. My daughter and I finished celebrating with my son at his graduation and a short subway ride from Cambridge across the river to Boston. We met up with Dad, my sisters and there husbands and went in to see mom before she went to surgery.

She was already on a breathing tube, totally unaware of anyone being there...Scary, that's what it was.

At 3am on June 5th they opened her head up and drained the blood , cauterized 2 areas that were bleeding and then put her all back together.

For the first couple weeks after the surgery, Mom made great strides and while the day after surgery she looked like she had gone 12 rounds with George Foreman, she quickly improved.

They shaved off half her hair and she looked like she might be the next lead singer for some new Punk Band but as I said each day she improved and instead of Blog posts I tried to keep the extended family up to date as to how she was doing.

I think she stayed in the hospital for about 4 or 5 days and then went to Rehab for another 5. By then her German had kicked in and if someone didn't take her home I think there was going to be a fatality. Luckily all the kids live close by and we were able to stay with her in shifts and now I'd say she's doing Fantastic!

I found her making her bed this morning and I told her that she should come over for dinner tonight.

She's coming!!

She scored a perfect 10 on Tom's Trivia Challenge today.

Momzy is BACK!!

Not quite ready for Beer Pong yet but she turns 80 this September, I think she'll be ready then !!