Friday, June 13, 2008


Here are some of the Headlines and Stories regarding the Remarkable come from behind victory for the Boston Celtics last night against the Lakers...

Someone give the Lakers a Heimlich ... They are CHOKING!!

By Mike Bresnahan L.A. Times

From exasperation to exclamation in 170 minutes

Bill Simmons, Page 2. ESPN

And below..Even Boston Sports tops the storied New York Times:

Celtics’ Rally Puts Title Within Reach

Celtics roar back to beat LA

And Finally:

Gotta ‘C’ it to believe it

By Mark Murphy, Boston Herald

Oh and lets not forget....

The Red Sox won another over Baltimore last night and they start an Inter-League Series against the Cincinnati Red today...

I think the last time the Red Sox played the Reds was 1975 World Series....that was a heartbreaker!