Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What's on your DVR ??

It's a busy couple of weeks coming up. We have a snowstorm headed toward us this Thursday and another one looking very nasty next week. It's April !!

My posts may become less frequent over the next couple weeks as I am taking on some good sized painting jobs and I must finish up with the Database I've set up for the new Histology Lab I've been working on...Not only did I paint the lab, but I wrote the database to keep track of all the lab work...I'm AMAZING!! Yes, I have to say that to myself ever once in awhile as I'm not getting a lot of, "Positive Strokes" as management like to refer to them.

So I'll get home, tired but with the need to turn the TV on and look through my DVR Recordings and watch my shows...I'm wondering...What's Your Favorite Television Drama...If I haven't put it on the Poll mention it in the comment section.


In fact I want your comments any way..Maybe you don't watch TV and spend all your time drinking, gambling running around with nefarious characters...if so, I WANT IN...