Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are You Smart Enough To Read This??

As I mentioned in my last post, If you have a blog, read blogs or just happen to be tall...then you are smarter than the average person. That's based on a little science and a large amount of speculation. Certainly anyone who commented on the last post, ROSIES comment where she seemed offended that I might have said unkind things about "Pay Per Post and Pop Up Ad filled blogs...She Said

"What we bloggers who get paid per post don't have is an overwhelming need for therapy. We neither tell the world all about our last shrink visit nor waste any one's life"

Well Rosies, I looked at your blog and now I know you are scared of suffocation, cancer and overdraft fees. I see that your friends, husband and Robin Williams make you laugh, you like chocolate and you Hate overdraft fees..

Hhhmm, Overdraft fees mentioned twice already?? How are those Pay Per Posts working for you?

Anyway, unless your comments are totally rude I will post them all and I thank Rosie for stopping by...Anyone interested in learning more about Rosies can click her link here: Testimonials By Rosie

So back to the title, Are you smart enough to read this?? I stumbled upon an IQ test the other day and discovered I was not a genius...but I'm close and I think I get smarter with every post I write. Here is your chance to take the test!! IQ TEST

You only get 20 minutes and there are 33 questions, GOOD LUCK and let me know how you did. My results are above