Friday, February 23, 2007

Flying Without His Cape and An Idea Generator

I wasn't really sure what to write today, everything kinda got started on the wrong foot. I was lying in bed when I got a call that my Dad had fallen. I jumped up, dressed quickly and ran out the door. He and Ma only live a few houses down. I found Dad in the house sitting at the bottom of the stairway in his PJ's and looking angry with himself. I told him he can't fly down the stairs without his cape....

We checked him out as best we could and then got him up and into the car...We spent a couple hours there getting Xrays and evaluated. He's gonna be sore but I think Superman will be Okay..Just better not piss off my mom cause he can't move too fast right now.

Since then I've cooked Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for Mom and Dad, Hamburgers for 4, and couple varieties of cookies for anyone that can get there hands on them. During this time I've also consumed a couple of rum concoctions, I needed them.

So it's come to this, reporting the minutiae of my day. While this may make an interesting read from time to time, I think I may have found a couple Web sites that can help generate those creative juices....At Plot-O-Matic they remind us that we've all seen movies or TV shows and said to ourselves "I could have written that" and Plot-O-Matic helps you do Just that:

Here's my "B" Movie Plot Outline:

The Hideaway
an original screenplay concept
By Tom

Science Fiction: A struggling artist teams up with a well built female cyborg to save the earth from aliens. In the process they rescue a super intelligent chimpanzee. By the end of the movie they beat up 73 bad guys and end up winning the admiration of their world , living happily ever after.

Think Waterworld meets Buckaroo Banzai

Now I just have to get this idea out to some producers, next it's Hollywood.