Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To Perm or not to Perm ??

My youngest son (18) complained to me the other day that his thin brown hair was a pain in the neck. I know what he means, I mean I could never really get the look I wanted with my hair when I was younger. This light brown hair of mine just sat there flat on my head and was really better to keep it short than to try and get any of the latest styles...

Then he mentioned that he might consider getting a perm...!!

Oh, I so remember thinking that myself and I told him so. I explained that I actually did that back in the 80's and it was a big mistake...told him I'd send him a picture so he could see for himself what a BAD idea it was..

The Picture circa 1981

I added in my email that not only was the Perm a bad idea, but that he should probably try and avoid getting Rainbow suspenders and big ass glasses too !!

He's handsome as he is..

But I guess all Dads would say that huh??