Friday, July 20, 2007

The Chalk - Ra Line

Chakras are considered to be a nexus of metaphysical and/or biophysical energy of the of the human body. There are 7 major energy centers and when they aren't lined up...shit happens.

So what can you do, where do you go.. we can't all be like the Beatles and get a meeting with the Dalai Lama

Health Insurance doesn't cover your chakras and if they did I know there would be a BIG deductible.

The answer: a quick stop at your local hardware store to buy a Chalk Line/Plumb Line, an old white sheet and someone to help you..

Old White Sheet, Plumb Line & Assistant

Once you've got the items you need all you have to do is get wrapped in a sheet and get plumbed!! See Below...
The diagnoses is obvious!!

1, My Chakras are perfectly aligned


2. Not smoking for the past 4 weeks has driven me totally insane!!

Have a nice weekend!